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Comparing inkjet printers to heat presses
Comparing inkjet printers to heat presses
September 19, 2016

Inkjet printers remain iconic among long-standing printing technologies. This is partly due to the ease of transferring a softcopy imprint to the print media. The evolution has led to the rise and use of various materials for transferring graphics to finished products. The use of an inkjet heat transfer paper is one of the modern ways of creating lasting memories from the traditionally less effective inkjet printers.

The use of inkjet heat transfer paper in commercial printing is highly recommended to the use of the conventional systems. This is primarily because inkjet transfers offer a wide range of dark and light toned printing solutions, as opposed to heat press technologies where printing is done using somewhat standard shades. As a result, different shades of the same color can be easily propagated during the production process. For example, inkjet transfers can offer a wide array of blue shades as opposed to the regular heat press where only one or two shades of blue can be reasonably produced.

Although inkjet heat transfer paper based solutions offer a wide range of applications, heat presses offer more durable solutions on darker surfaces. This compares to the transfer which cannot be effectively used on dark surfaces. It is also worth noting that heat presses can be used on shaped surfaces as opposed to the inkjet transfers that can primarily be used on flat surfaces. An in-depth level of expertise is also required when using inkjet transfers as opposed to the use of heat presses where the process is straightforward with no special skills being required.

is heat transfer paper sold in specialty stores or i can find it at staples?
Posted by: Mary | October 10, 2016, 2:27 pm
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