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Epson SureColor F2000 and F2100 Series Platens

Manufacturer: Epson

Livingston Systems is proud to offer our patented TucLoc® platen technology on the Epson® SureColor® F2000 and F2100 series direct to garment printers. The TucLoc® platens are available in small 10″ x 12,” medium 14” x 16,” and large 16″ x 20″  sizes and sold only through Epson® Authorized Reseller.  The SC-F2000 series TucLoc® platen was developed with assistance from Epson America, Inc.  The SC-F2000 and SC-F2100 series TucLoc® platen is interchangeable with the OEM platen using the same style locating pins.  Printable area and height are identical to the original platen.

The TucLoc® system is a patented garment holding system for Direct to Garment printers. That means no more adhesives, rings, or hoops. The garment is simply tucked in between two rubber pads that can accommodate thick or thin material. The TucLoc® system holds garments securely, removing wrinkles and allowing printing heads an unobstructed path.



Extra Small 8″ X 10″

Small 10″ X 12″

Medium 14″ X 16″

Zipper Hoodie Short Riser 6.5″ X 8″ for Medium 14″ X 16″ Platen

Zipper Hoodie Long Riser 6.5″ X 11.75″ for Medium 14″ X 16″ Platen

V-Neck and Polo Risers for Medium 14″ X 16″ Platen

Large 16″ X 20″

Zipper Hoodie Riser 7.5″ X 11.75″ for Large 16″ X 20″ Platen

Pocket Riser 4″ X 4.5″ for all platen sizes

Hat Platen (Standard and Low Profile Platens)

Dual Sleeve 4.25″ X 16.5″

8 UP 4″ X 4″ Tag/Short Sleeve

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