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Features to consider in buying UV printers
February 18, 2016

UV printers copy things on most uncoated hard surfaces. They are applicable for both outdoor and indoor use and this depends on the substrate in question. They are items used all over and therefore one needs to know what should looked at before making a decision.

The specifications of UV printers for example is a key thing to consider. Some companies offer quality ones while others don’t. The printing tech, colour, ink reservoir, number of print heads and the resolution options are some of the things one should look into. The one to settle for primarily depends on the volume it’s expected to work on each given day.

The printing speed whether standard, high or even ultra-quality also matters.  One should also look into the drying system, printing width, and media handling options – maybe even the file format of UV printers is worth considering before deciding on which one settle for. Everybody also wants a product which will last longer than others and therefore durability should be an area of concern too.

Some of the other features of UV printers which a potential buyer ought to consider include the dimension, weight, delivery and payment terms which best fit in the modes you are capable of. It’s important to also judge whether you value quality over economic value and adjust accordingly.

Value-Rite is the mother of all companies when it comes to the distribution of UV printers. We distribute Mutor Printing technologies as well as Mimaki. Therefore, a client can go for the specific kind of printer they prefer depending on their own priorities. Thus, for a potential customer, Value-Rite is a dream come true. We give you the value for your money and an engagement with us will leave you with no need to worry.

Never realized there was so much to learn about uv printers... I better get studying! lol
Posted by: Leonard | May 18, 2016, 4:53 pm
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