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Is Heat Press Transfer Paper Right for You?
Is Heat Press Transfer Paper Right for You?
December 02, 2016

Whether you require monochrome or full colour surface printing, heat press transfer paper is a smart option at your disposal. Conventional heat transfer involves the use of innovative heat press transfer paper in transforming the artwork of choice into a finished print output. This process involves vinyl film being imprinted with the artwork, which can then be transferred to the surface you require. As a final step, heat pressing is performed to finalize the result.  

When it comes to garment imprinting, heat press transfer paper remains a popular option that gets reliable results. Its use in the printing process allows you to convert the artwork softcopy into a tangible artwork for evaluation before being printed on the intended surface. Compared to more traditional styles of printing, where errors can hardly be corrected once the artwork has been sent to the printer, the use of heat press transfer paper allows you to make amends before transferring your design to the material being printed.

Professional grade heat press transfer paper offers a variety of additional benefits, such as the ability to preview the quality of your work. This is because the film combines several ink absorbent technologies, allowing you to transfer segments of a desired piece onto the final surface. Our professional grade heat press transfer paper further helps you achieve exact image transfer without spreading to the peripheral parts of the printed artwork as experienced in most store bought heat press papers.

Value-Rite’s heat press transfer paper distributes heat in a highly uniform spread—this makes our product superior when it comes to treating and curing your design or artwork for a highly durable imprint. Consistency as well as the use of the latest printing innovations is what makes Value-Rite the smart choice for professional digital decoration products, equipment and accessories. 

Very useful information, thank you.
Posted by: David L. | December 29, 2016, 11:02 am
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