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Make Plain Shirts Special with a Direct to Garment Printer
Make Plain Shirts Special with a Direct to Garment Printer
June 14, 2016

Fabric printing is anything but a new process; printed fabrics dating as far back as 4th century BC have been unearthed. Of course, the printing techniques have evolved a lot over the time, but fabric printing in itself was not an unknown thing to our ancestors. The latest we have in fabric printing technology is Inkjet technology; it involves a special printer which applies specialty inks onto a garment. What is so noticeable about this kind of fabric printing is that, unlike other forms of printing, you can't feel the print. Your t-shirts and other fabrics remain soft to the touch when you run your hand over it. The beauty about a direct to garment printer is that it works equally well on light- and dark colored fabrics. The printers are capable of printing any images, so customization allows for exciting choices. There are unlimited craft techniques with these printers which give stunning results in a fast, simple and creative way.

Beautiful Printed Images

For a direct to garment printer, you want a reliable and trustworthy service -  and people who know ink and toner technologies so that they can put colors exactly where you want them. Market trends have changed dramatically since you had to iron an image onto fabric. New strategies have had to be developed to keep customers happy, and direct to garment printers (DTG), inks as well as pre-treatments are made available to customers to create eye-catching prints.

The Anajet- and Epson's F2000 printers make use of inkjet technology to print awesome graphics - whatever you like. You won't find any fading, cracking or peeling ink with this amazing printing.

Value-Rite supplies and services these cool direct to garment printer products, and once customers have these printers they benefit from ongoing support in terms of parts and services. 

How are these clothes after wash? Whats the best way to wash them so the print doesn't come off?
Posted by: Lina | September 26, 2016, 1:42 pm
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