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Points to consider with a DTG printer
April 05, 2016

When getting into any business, utilizing the resources available to you is a critical part in creating an effective business. Any work using a DTG printer is no different, as there are a variety of concerns and ideas that are worth keeping in mind when starting out. If you don’t pay close attention to these particular points, you could end up negatively impacting your business with additional cost as a result of your mistake. As Value-Rite is an expert in the field and cares about the quality of our customers businesses, we’ve put together this short guide to explain a few additional facets of DTG printing.

The most important part of getting into working with a DTG Printer is ensuring you find the appropriate model for the volume of your business. Some others may advise you to purchase a cheaper DTG printer if you aren’t necessarily sure how successful your enterprise will be, but this will place important limitations on what you can do. A cheaper machine will be slower and may be less efficient with the ink you purchase, costing you more over time. Further, there is not just the cost of the machine to consider. You also need to think about a heat press, supplies, eventual shipping costs, and the cost of ink as you continue production. Even if you try to save money on the machine itself, you will spend more than that over time buying supplies for an inefficient machine. That’s why it’s better to spend the money upfront and purchase a higher quality printer. You will be able to deliver a better product to your customers, and a machine with higher quality parts will be less likely to break down.

One important part to also consider are the materials you plan to print on. While it may be very appealing to offer the ability for your clients to bring in their own garments to print on, it may not be the smartest bet for your business. A DTG printer cannot print well on all garment surfaces, and so you have to be careful to do the appropriate testing when you’re going to use a new garment. When you are dealing with customer garments, this can be difficult as you may not know everything about the fabric that would help you make an appropriate decision. Additionally, you may end up spending half an hour working with a customer on a design just to find they only intend to print a shirt or two. If they were using garments you had already pre-approved, the process could be better streamlined and they would be able to place the order better on their own.

Value-Rite is a top quality provider of items like a DTG printer and are always available to answer any questions about our products or what you would require to start your own DTG business. Contact us today.

This is a great dtg printer article.. i learned a lot
Posted by: Deborah | May 18, 2016, 4:52 pm
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