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Sublimation blanks have limitless possibilities
Sublimation blanks have limitless possibilities
August 18, 2016

There are various ways of creating a lasting impression when it comes to flawless execution of printing solutions. One of the most versatile of these involves the use of dye sublimation techniques. These are full-range solutions aimed at creating full-color as well as monochrome imprints for a diversity of fields and applications. To create a lasting imprint, it is important to use specialty sublimation blanks onto which printing is done. A sublimation blank is typically a printable material that is not printed but can be printed by various dye sublimation techniques.

It is worth noting that not all materials can be printed by dye sublimation. The specialty sublimation blanks ensure that you get the best quality of print with every detail and color being as printed in the artwork callouts. To create that lasting impression to your customers, it is important to deliver not only superior but also unique designs they can easily identify with then it comes to branding your business. The brand name of your business is highly dependent on the quality and uniqueness of your products. In any industry, one of the unique ways of presenting your concepts involves the use of printed materials. These help you to passively sell and cross-sell your brand to new and existing customers. As unique as your business and its model might be, you also need to offer the market unique outfits that match your brand name and image in the market, and the sure way of doing it is through crafting superior print outs.

At Value Rite, we have taken the science of sublimation printing to the next level by creating unique sublimation blanks for various products. These range from small hand held products to large format outfits designed for the production of diverse full-space or vinyl cut solutions. Our blanks are printable on a variety of printers and rely on diverse printing techniques without compromising on the quality of your work. Try us today and experience our rethinking plan for your brand.

What do you mean by passive selling?
Posted by: Shumyl R. | November 4, 2016, 6:04 pm
Kathi, there's a couple of articles here that talk about it
Posted by: Guest | October 10, 2016, 2:28 pm
Can you talk more about the dye sublimation? I'm still not sure what it is.
Posted by: Kathi R. | September 26, 2016, 5:05 pm
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