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The True Vibrancy of Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
The True Vibrancy of Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
November 04, 2016

Heat transfer paper is a way to print on different surfaces so that products go from bland to something extraordinary. The other benefit of using heat transfer paper is that it is cost effective and makes the complete printing process much more efficient. Of course there are different kinds of paper to be used for different surfaces, but the most common type is inkjet heat transfer paper, available in two types - for light- and dark colored fabrics.

Inkjet heat transfer paper produces images of such clarity and vibrancy that it closely resembles a professionally printed photograph. This paper is professional and guarantees images with vivid, vibrant colors. This high quality heat transfer paper for inkjet printers is ideally suited for dark and light colored textiles.

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If you're wondering about inkjet heat transfer paper, why not trust Value-Rite to answer all your questions? They are an exclusive wholesale trade distributor for digital decorating equipment, and their customers rely on them to come up with answers on many printing products and services. Heat transfer paper is designed for top brand printers such as HP, Canon, Ricoh, Okidata and others. Their inkjet heat transfer paper is the highest quality so that it is perfect for your high volume production. They supply 2 main types of paper -

● Jet-Pro Soft Stretch paper for light shirts
● Jet Opaque paper for dark shirts

Value-Rite also offers support on all their heat transfer paper products. They have such a broad range of image transfer products, regardless of whether you're a hobbyist or a seasoned business. With Value-Rite you can be confident that you're getting good products, good service delivery and true value for money.

I'm just starting to learn about the world of textiles. I am really excited by the opportunity of transferring my personal artwork and designs to garments. Making pieces that are one of a kind is important to me and it's a great business. Take care now.
Posted by: Almabella | December 2, 2016, 4:01 pm
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