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Manufacturer: Mimaki

Tx500P-3200DS significantly reduces production time through its simultaneous performance of two operations, direct-to-textile printing and color fixation, reducing two steps to one.


  • Direct textile inkjet printer: The TX500P-3200DS printer was specifically engineered exclusively for direct-to-fabric printing and finishing. It includes an in-line color fixation unit to offer an efficient production process.
  • High gap printhead: New print heads that enable printing directly on various types of textiles. The high gap setting gives users the ability to print on thin and thick textiles, plus woven patterns or raised fiber surfaces, while maintaining accurate ink droplet placement.
  • Printing & color fixation in one unit​: The Tx500P-3200DS printer contains a color fixation unit that enables simultaneous printing and color fixation. Further, in order to deliver optimum finish, the printer and the heater units are linked. The printer starts printing when the heater reaches the optimum temperature. This novel feature considerably reduces production time and expands business opportunities by accommodating demands from sample creation to large-lot print production.

Application: Home interior, Outdoor decor, Soft signage, Backlit fabric signage, Exhibit graphics, Banners, Flags

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