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Manufacturer: Viper

Simple To Use Controls: Using the simple controls on the front panel, set the spray length (from 2-24") and then the amount of fluid applied (10%-100%). We include a simple chart on the top of the unit to accurately tell you how to set the Speed to achieve the desired amount of pretreatment for your shirt. It is quick and easy.

Simple Fluid Management: Simply connect your pretreatment, clean water, and CLEANING SOLUTION. By pressing the corresponding buttons, that fluid is pushed through the system. To load the pretreatment, simply place a bottle under the spray nozzle and press the RED pretreatment button.

Easy Laser Alignment: The built in line laser allows for fast and easy visual alignment of garments, pockets and other pretreating locations. Pretreating in the correct spot on the garment has never been easier.

Adjustable Spray Area: The easily adjustable spray head allows for instant changing of the spray width and location with adjustments left to right as well as up and down. Fast and easy adjustments with a spray area up to 20" x 24".


  • Dimensions (Complete Unit)
    • 33.5" wide x 36.5" deep x 6.875" high
  • Shipping Dimensions
    • Box #1: Spray Unit and Platen - 50 lbs
      • 14" wide x 39" deep x 20" high
    • Box #2: Spray Base - 32 lbs
      • 38" wide x 40" deep x 10" high
  • Power Requirements: 120VAC or 220VAC (24V Power Supply)
  • Fits on 24" deep table
  • All Electric - Easy to Use


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