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Laminating Calenders

Manufacturer: KLIEVERIK

We offer machinery for coating and laminating from stand-alone units to complete lines, including unwinding and winding equipment, cooling rollers, accumulators, web cutting equipment etc.

The LFC calenders are equipped with a high temperature resistant belt made out of Nomex material. The belt is coated with silicone which prevents pollution and allows easy cleaning. The heating drum is covered by Teflon sheets or coating, ensuring optimal releasing properties of the product.


A typical production line lay-out is composed of:

  • Unwinding positions for substrates and adhesive webs or films
  • A powder scattering device
  • The LFC calender, possibly with cooling cylinders
  • Winding positions
  • Web tension control and web guiding devices


standard laminating versus ecosafe

                         Standard laminating line Ecosafe line


Technical Details Calenders Type LFC 

  • Working widths up to 5800 mm/ 228 inch
  • Speed up to 80 m/min/ 262 ft/min
  • Drum sizes 500–1800 mm/ 20-71 inch
  • Electrically heated or by secondary oil circuit from 
    external boiler house
  • Additional pressure rollers possible
  • Siliconised Nomex belt
  • Drum covered with Teflon sheets or coating



Powder Applicator PSD

  • Working widths up to 5800 mm/ 228 inch
  • Powder particle size 80–500 µ
  • Standard Powder coating weight 2000gr/min/m width
  • Content of powder container 140 L/m
  • Automatic supply available (option)



  • Textile

    Textile box

    Cutting unit

    Cutting unit

    Winding equipment

    Winding equipment









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