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Ever thought of using Heat Transfer Paper?
April 20, 2016

At least once in their life, everyone wants to put something on a t-shirt. Even though this is a pretty common thought, many people have no idea how to approach doing something like that. Thankfully, in 2016 there are many technologies that have been developed to make this process easier than ever before. Heat Transfer Paper is one such invention that makes applying custom designs to t-shirts and other garments easier than ever before.

Heat Transfer Paper works by being digitally printed and transferred to a garment via heat and pressure. The specially designed paper works by first perfectly capturing the image, utilizing quality that rivals even traditional screen printing. The paper is made to have great color reproduction qualities despite the method of application, so even more complex designs are easily handled by heat transfer paper. Additionally, while other design application methods may not stand up to washing and other cleaning methods, heat transfer paper does a great job of remaining durable and keeping the image crisp through many wash cycles.

Finally, one of the greatest advantages of heat transfer paper is its versatility. You may be thinking, “How can heat transfer paper be versatile, doesn’t it only have one function?” You would be correct, but there is a lot more that goes into applying a design straight to a garment. You can consider heat transfer paper versatile because it is applicable to so many material types. Everything from cotton to leather, denim, hats, and synthetics are all possible materials with heat transfer paper. Even more specialized materials such as wood or even mugs are possible.

There really isn’t a better option than heat transfer paper when it comes to applying great designs to garments. Thankfully, Value-Rite supplies heat transfer paper to a variety of consumers around Ontario. Please, don’t hesitate to contact Value-Rite today with any questions you may have about our heat transfer paper. 

Are there any kinds of fabrics this thing can't print on??
Posted by: Laiza | December 2, 2016, 4:03 pm
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