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Find Creative Possibilities with UV Printers
Find Creative Possibilities with UV Printers
July 19, 2016

These days, we have many different techniques to transfer designs/prints into textiles. UV printers make use of ultra-violet lights to dry ink as it is printed. This form of digital printing distributes ink on the surface of a material and then UV lights instantly cure or dry the ink. The printers use a special formulated ink which, once converted to solid polymer, adheres to the media.   The UV lights cure printed ink immediately so this means that the dots of wet ink don't spread out once printed, resulting in much finer detail; no wonder, this technique to print textiles is so popular these days.

A Safer Work Environment

What is great about these UV printers is that they are more environmentally friendly as during the curing process, less VOC’s, heat and odor are produced. Another great reason to opt for UV printers. UV curing also allows the flatbed printer to be used with nontraditional materials such as aluminum.

With UV printers you can print multiple color layers and all at the same time. UV inkjets produce consistent images from with each substrate, even on dark media

UV printers can be used for in- and outdoor applications according to the substrate. What UV printer are you looking for - desktop or large format? Value-Rite distributes both Mimaki and Mutoh UV printing technologies. On top of that they also stock quality UV inks and blanks so that you get your entire set-up under one-roof.

As a one stop source, these printing experts offer customers the full solution for every printing need. They don't just supply printers, their excellent customer services extend to servicing and offering ongoing support on all their UV printers. Why don't you trust Value-Rite to simply open the door to a new world of awesome creative possibilities?

Interesting stuff!
Posted by: Janice | December 12, 2016, 10:47 am
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