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Same day print-jobs are possible with a sublimation printer
Same day print-jobs are possible with a sublimation printer
July 05, 2016

Sublimation printing is the latest printing technology being widely used in textile industry. The past two decades have seen the business of printing textiles through using a sublimation printer boom. A sublimation printer is specially equipped to print with sublimation ink and work especially well with polyester fabrics. You can apply an image to cloth, metals as well as ceramics, making use of this special sublimation ink. Sublimation is a digital printing method for a variety of products which includes printing onto polyester t-shirts. Along with your sublimation printer, which you should wisely choose from leading brands such as Epsom or Ricoh among others, you will need a few necessary quality sublimation accessories. These will include the likes of sublimation inks, paper and a heat press.

Fashion on Different Products

People choose a sublimation printer because it is just one of the methods where you can print colored images onto hard surfaces. This means with a sublimation printer you can print on the likes of metals, ceramics, mouse pads, polyester shirts among other items.

With sublimation printing you can choose from unlimited colors and the beauty lies in the fact that you cost-effectively print hundreds of items to complete customization. For a business it is the answer as sublimation is quick and easy, allowing for same-day printing. The image or graphics won't fade easily and the garment doesn't have that unpleasant weightiness about it because of the added graphics.  There is no cracking or peeling. A sublimated printer gives the best results from printing on light colored garments.

Value-Rite sells all the necessary products for your sublimation equipment. They offer a full-house service - education, equipment, support and service, large or small format printers from leading brands such as Epson, Geo Knight and Mutoh among others. 

cool didn't know, ciao.
Posted by: P. Garcia | November 17, 2016, 1:39 pm
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