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Lawson Blazer Textile Conveyor Dryer

The Lawson Blazer screen printing conveyor dryer is designed for complete flexibility and maximum versatility. The Blazer features a fully modular design and can be easily customized and expanded whenever your needs may change. This custom screen printing machine is the ideal dryer to maximize your investment dollars.

It is designed for curing both plastisol and water-based inks. The basic conveyor is only 8' long, and includes one 3' heat chamber/curing module of your choosing.You can add any amount of heat chambers/curing modules at any time, even years later.

Select a standard belt width and standard length conveyor belt, or create a custom width and length that fits your specific needs. You can always increase the in-feed or out-feed of the Blazer anytime you want - this is a totally modular dryer!

1) Start by selecting the Width Conveyor Belt that you want:
Standard Belt Widths: 24", 36", 48", 60"

2) Then select how Long you want your dryer to be:
Standard Belt Lengths: 8', 12', 16', 19'

The Lawson Blazer allows you to select from a variety of curing options and heat modules.

3) Now select one of the following 3' Heat Chamber Modules:
A) I.R. with Jet-Air (most popular module)
B) Quartz with Jet-Air (includes an energy saving photo garment sensor for instant on/off and is a great production booster)
C) Gas I.R. with Jet-Air (ideal for those with limited power availability and who want a small gas I.R. dryer)
D) Jet-Air Cooling Modules
E) Split Belt Designs (2 or 3 belt designs available)

All heat chambers are specifically designed to maximize energy efficiency and are double insulated. If you are looking for a conveyor dryer that saves space and energy, and still provides maximum production,then the Blazer is an ideal companion to manual or automatic presses.

Custom lengths are easily accommodated

  • Standard Features

    • Up-Front, Side-Mounted Digital Control Panel
    • Diagnostic Digital Control/Monitor System
    • Arrow Belt™ Tracking System
    • Solid-State Electronic Temperature Controller
    • Adjustable Temperature Up To 395oF
    • Complete-Wrap Insulation Package
    • Triple-Wall Construction
    • Conveyor Belt Supports
    • Direct-Drive Conveyor System
    • Moveable Heat Chamber
    • Solid-State Digital Belt Speed Controller
    • Four (4)-Point Belt-Tracking
    • Heat Reflective "S & S Memory Belt"
    • Reflective Heat "Booster Lining"
    • Rugged, Solid-Steel Construction
    • Adjustable Entrance and Exit Door Opening
    • Hinged Top For Easy Access
    • Exit Exhaust Hood
    • 15 Year I.R. Heater Warranty
    • 3 Year Defective Parts Warranty
    • 24/7/365 Technical Support

    Optional Features

    • Additional In-Feed or Out-Feed Belt Extensions...add as much length as desired to customize your dryer.
    • Quartz Chamber/Jet-Air with Electric-Eye Sensor
    • Additional I.R./Jet-Air 3' Module
    • Turbo-Cooler 3' Module
    • Gas I.R./Jet-Air 3' Module
    • Split Belt Options
    • Custom Belt-to-Heater Clearance Height
    • Custom Design Features for Special Needs/Applications
    • Export Electrics

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