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Mimaki LUS-150 UV Ink

Manufacturer: Mimaki

Mimaki LUS-150 Flexible UV replaceable ink is designed for the JFX200 and JFX 500 Mimaki printers. This "flexible" ink is optimised for to have excellent bending performance on a variety of substrates. Available in 1L cartridges, and 5 different colours.

LUS-150 UV ink is specifically designed for use with the JFX200 and JFX500 Mimaki printers (see below). The LUS-150 UV product is a standard performance ink with a "flexible" touch - meaning it still provides all the expected capabilities of UV printer ink, but is optimised to meet demands for soft/flexible media and substrates.

The LUS-150 ink is a lower cost UV curable ink with 1.5x the flexibility of conventional UV ink. The ink is designed to be less "tacky" but still resistant to cracking, even with secondary processing.

Designed to print on various substrates, such as: metal, glass, wood, etc. It is most-suited to being applied to substrates where the print needs to be bended and twisted to shape. Available in 1L cartridges, and 5 different colours.



  • Vibrant colour results
  • 100% printed area flexibility (does not stretch)
  • 1.5x the flexibility of conventional UV inks
  • "Flexible" UV-ink, optimised for printing on substrates where secondary processing is required - that is, bending, twisting, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly ink
  • Virtually instant curing and drying post-print

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