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Why buy a Heat Press from us?
February 25, 2016

In fabric production, heat presses are used to improve production. It is critical for fabric producers should choose high quality heat press equipment in order to enhance their production. Value-Rite is a perennial supplier of first brand press equipment from companies like Geo Knight among others. Their presses range from Flat, Combo to Rotary presses that are strong and of high quality. They are used for all types of production. Clients have a variety of options to choose from; be it a single piece or roll to roll production in Canada and the rest of North America.

 The availability of quality accessories and parts for the presses make Value-Rite a one stop joint for decoration products including the printers, ink, toners and other equipment. The company has an extensive inventory of goods and parts hence they help the clients to reduce downtime during production in case the presses become faulty. The company’s technicians are in their own league of expertise. Hence, they are guaranteed to give clients satisfying service regarding their equipment. Their presence in the enterprise is significant because they train our customers on the best way to handle the different types of heat press as well as making the best recommendations of products that can meet their need.

Constant use of the latest technology and innovation has made Value-Rite remain the best choice for top quality digital decoration products and equipment. Many customers have returned satisfied and agreed that Value-Rite is the best company in supplying sublimation printers, Dtg printers and the heat press. They have maintained fair prices across all products they provide for many years since they are considerate towards the client’s pocket.  Therefore, depending on the customer’s financial muscles, the company stocks a variety of choice top quality products and equipment like Rotary presses, 3D presses, Mug presses among others which can precisely fit their need.

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