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Manufacturer: Mimaki

The CFL-605RT supports material sizes up to A2 extra and has a variety of functions including eccentric, tangential, and reciprocating cuttings and creasing. It is designed with Mimaki’s well-established technology, and supports on-demand production by multiple functions, including cutting and creasing. The CFL-605RT delivers efficient sample and package production.

The multifunction plotter strongly supports digital on-demand production

  • Eccentric cut
  • Tangential cut
  • Reciprocating cut
  • Creasing

Applications include: Gifts and Novelties, Packaging, Proofs & Mock Ups, and Industrial Cut.

Rapidly bring ideas into shape

The use of digital on-demand UV inkjet printing has increased the requirement for creating original customized goods in response to an increase in high-mix / low-volume demands in the market. As part of an overall workflow, the CFL-605RT cutting plotter provides a rapid-response solution for production of items such as short-run or custom original goods, samples and package prototyping.

Key features:

  • Reciprocating cutting: for substrates such as foam cushioning materials, sponge or cardboard.
  • Tangential cutting: for media such as synthetic leather, coated cardboard, reflective vinyl, rubber and fluted cardboard.
  • Eccentric cutting: for media such as coated packaging materials, thin polycarbonate sheets, paper and film.
  • Creasing roller: for drawing a ruled line that results in precise folding. The creasing roller can be mounted alongside cutting blade for cutting and creasing without changing tools.
  • Vacuum system: for securely holding materials in place. Lightweight, thin or porous materials can be further secured by an overlaid adsorption sheet that enhances vacuum by reducing airflow through the material

Total solution for package design actualization

The combination of a CFL-605RT cutting plotter, a UJF-6042 UV-LED tabletop flatbed printer and packaging design software such as ArtiosCAD* Designer Solution provides the ability to easily and economically produce package prototypes that accurately reflect the designer’s intent. With this system, designers and brand managers can achieve packaging design actualization in shorter timeframes.

Quiet, compact operation

With a compact footprint of 52 inches by 41 inches, the CFL-605RT cutting plotter can fit unobtrusively into a design office or studio environment. Integrated casters means it can be moved where needed, and user-adjustable feet ensure stability once placed. A double-insulated vacuum unit operates quietly, on par with standard office equipment.

*CFL-605RT cutter and UJF-6042 printer are sold separately through Mimaki authorized representatives; ArtiosCAD software is a product of Esko-Graphics available through Esko channels.

What you can do with the Mimaki CFL-605RT

  • Package prototypes
  • Short-run packaging
  • Custom original goods
  • Samples
  • and more…


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