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Image Clip® Koncert T's

Manufacturer: Neenah

Is designed for the heat transfer of a white image to pastel, dark and bright colored items IMAGE CLIP® Koncert T’s works well on cotton, cotton blends and polyester. There is no need to trim the paper. IMAGE CLIP® Koncert T’s Heat Transfer Paper is self-weeding and leaves no background plastic polymer. Laser print a reversed/mirrored image on ‘imaging sheet’. Place ‘imaging sheet’ to the ‘transfer sheet’ and press at 250°F for 20 seconds using medium pressure. Peel the papers apart while still hot. Press the treated’ imaging sheet’ facedown onto the garment and press at 375°F for 25 seconds using heavy pressure. Peel the paper from garment once cold.

Brand Fabric Color Hot Peel Warm Peel Cold peel Hand Iron Printer List
Image Clip Koncert T Dark No No Yes No OKI supported, works in all laser printers and copiers. White image to pastel, dark & bright colors. No need to trim paper.




1. Print the image in reversed/mirrored format in solid color – either Dark Blue or Black onto the ‘Imaging Sheet’. Imaging Sheet Backer paper color is Blue. 


1. Prepare the substrate by ensuring the surface is clean, dry and wrinkle free.


Step 1: 1. Place the imaged sheet (imaging sheet) to the transfer sheet (Transfer Sheet Backer Paper may be Orange or Yellow) on the heat press.

2. Press: 20 seconds at 250°F using medium to heavy pressure.

3. Peel the papers apart while still hot in a smooth even motion. 

Step 2: 1. Place the substrate onto the heat press.

2. Press the treated imaging sheet facedown onto the shirt or substrate

3. Press 25 seconds @ 375°F using heavy pressure.

4. Peel the paper once cold in a smooth even motion. 

Description Size
9847PO1117 Image Clip Koncert T
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